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Type 34 – Combination ladder

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Heavy Duty Industrial Combination 2 Section Rung Ladder

  • These classic heavy duty ladder are still probably the strongest commercial ladders available and are ideal for professionals
  • Rung ladder of 2 sections, can be used as an extending ladder, standing ladder
  • The second section is pushed up by hand and fixed to the desired height by 2 aluminum hooks
  • Very flexible for indoor and outdoor use
  • Strong durable safe design
  • Durable webbing as opening restraint chain
  • Wheels for smooth sliding on walls while extending the ladder
  • Non slip stabilizing bar designed to guarantee maximum adherence on different ground
  • Non skid rubber feet

Technical Details

  • Beam Dimensions: 73×28 mm. (34-10 to 34-14)
  • Square Rung Profile: 28×28 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 175 kg
  • Equipment: Aluminum special Profile

Application: This product is designed to be used in a more demanding and extreme industrial environment.

* Average safe height when used on 3rd step from above.

Decoration & PaintingDecoration & Painting
175 KG
BS 2037 Certification
2 Step Ladder
Weight N/A

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Type Number HeightHeight (m) Working HeightWorking Height (m) Height Height (m) Working HeightWorking Height (cm) 1st & 2nd Section Width1st & 2nd Section Width (cm) Number of RungsNumber of Rungs Approx. WeightApprox. Weight (kg)
34-10 3.20 4.40 5.40 6.60 50.00 10 * 2 17.00
34-12 3.75 4.95 6.20 7.40 50.00 12 * 2 23.00
34-14 4.30 5.50 7.40 8.60 50.00 14 * 2 26.00




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