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Aluminum Fixed Access Ladder

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Aluminum Fixed Access Ladder

  • Aluminum fixed ladders are a cost-effective and economical system based on the modular principle: components coordinated with one another can be combined in a number of different ways to ensure flexible adaptation to any application. This means that in many cases you can save yourself the expense of a one-off special job. All components and versions can be supplied ex-stock. We shall be pleased to assist you with our comprehensive consultation services and put a system together for you that meet your requirements perfectly
  • Available in all sizes to allow a ladder to be built up on site to the length required. Ladder sections can also be cut on site to exact length required.
  • Fixed ladders with back guards according to BGVD 36. Conforms to DIN 14094 and 18799 Part 1.
  • Back guards is 700 mm diameter.
  • Rungs 280 mm apart.
  • Aluminum fixed ladders with all-ribbed 28 × 28 mm square rungs.
  • Width: 520 mm
  • Stile dimensions: 63 mm × 31 mm.
  • We can also produce fixed-ladder designs that differ from the standard specification on request.
  • Wall brackets are a maximum of 2.00 m apart. However each part of the ladder must be mounted using at least 2 wall brackets.
  • Safety Cages are constructed using Back Hoops and Connecting Straps. Hoops are fixed at maximum 1400mm intervals
  • Additional components including Retractable handholds, Exit Steps, Ground Fixing Plates etc., can be found under Additional Optional Components for Fixed Aluminum  Ladder

* Always check suitability of any access ladder for your project with your local Sales Department before ordering.

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