Why aluminum pallets?

You might ask yourself why is aluminum used and not any other material which has better attributes. Well, if you cut the line and check all good and bad sites for materials available aluminum is best.

You would probably choose from 3 materials, wood, plastic and aluminum, forget about steel or anything else since product would be just to heavy for usage.

wooden pallets are slowly becoming history

Now let’s compare wood, plastic and aluminum. Ok, we can scratch wood from list, since it clearly does not even fit in comparison. Nails, splinters, being breakable, having no true temperature resistance clearly cuts it off the list.

So we are left with plastic versus aluminum. Well, let’s tell you that aircraft wings are being made from aluminum and not plastic. And aluminum can withstand much tougher environment as plastic, most noticeably heat and fire. It is also quite more durable then plastic and less breakable. So aluminum wins in all aspects when compared to other materials which are being used for pallets.

Pallets were more or less only made from wood in old times. But as technology went forward also materials from which you can make stuff have become more robust, resistant their durability is longer than before.

Therefore wooden pallets are slowly being replaced with aluminum pallets. The reasons why aluminum pallets are slowly getting more and more popular are quite few.

For start aluminum is lighter than wood but yet it can sustain more pressure. Aluminum pallets cannot get broken or partially damaged which is what eventually happens with most of the wooden ones. Aluminum pallets are also a lot easier to clean so they can be used also in areas of work which require hygiene.

Apart all that aluminum can withstand extreme heat and cold, and also can withstand fast change in temperature, something that “kills” wood fast. Even workers will love them since in aluminum pallets there are no splinters, nails or sharp edges so workplace injuries are less possible. Aluminum pallets are also 100% recyclable.

I sure hope all these reasons made you think a bit and I hope you do start to think deep in future and start with aluminum pallets soon.