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Type F30 (Single Ladder)

Single leaning fiberglass rung ladder

The fiberglass range of single ladders fixed length is designed for tradespeople in the electrical industries who require safe access and egress to the jobsite.

The fiberglass range offers the benefits of non-conductivity, strength, stability and durability. The fiberglass construction makes this range of ladders suitable for electrical applications.

Industrial Duty Rated. Designed for use on industrial work sites

130kg Load Rating

Strong, fiberglass construction

Electric insolation up to 10kv

Non slip rungs for surer footing and strength

Anti-slip rubber “Boots” for added safety, stability and protection of the stiles

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Type F30 (Single Ladder)
Type F30 (Single Ladder)
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Type Number Length (m) Width (cm) No. Of Steps Weight (kg)
F30-08 2.50 43.00 8 5.90
F30-10 3.10 43.00 10 6.60
F30-12 3.60 43.00 12 8.40
F30-14 4.20 43.00 14 9.60
F30-16 4.80 43.00 16 10.20
F30-18 5.40 43.00 18 11.30
F30-20 6.00 43.00 20 12.80