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Type 260 (Mobile Cantilever Work Platforms)

 Mobile Cantilever Work Platforms

Cantilever platforms allow the worker to reach beyond the limitations of the base and support dimensions, making it possible to work over a structure without climbing on the structure or making contact with the structure in able to have access.

This added reach aids in maintenance and inspection operations as well as accessing tanks, trucks, and reaching over odd shaped structures.

The optional safety cage helps protect workers from falling from the work platform or falling from access point on the structure being accessed.

Extended work deck makes reaching the work easier

Heights up to 4 m. with a reach of 80 cm. beyond support frame

Heavy steel base counterbalances sturdy aluminum structure

Non-skid, self-draining step and work deck surfaces

Strong 40mm dia. handrail for climbing support and fall prevention

Locking 360 degree swivel casters for easy positioning

No-flat rubber tires for easy movement over rough surfaces

Applications: maintenance and inspection over machinery, tank access points


- Beam Dimensions: U Beam (100*50*8)

- Height: Up to 4 m.

- Stair width: 60 cm.

- Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.

- Equipment: aluminum special Profile, Steel Hook,  Rubber Feet

- Optional safety cage available upon request

Type 260 (Mobile Cantilever Work Platforms)
Type 260 (Mobile Cantilever Work Platforms)