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Type 240 (Cross Over Ladders)

 Cross Over Ladder

Easily walk over conveyors, machines, and pipes.

Bridges have 125 mm. wide steps and 90 cm. high handrails. Platforms have a  85 mm. high toe board on each side. Legs each have one 5/8" dia. hole for floor mounting (fasteners not included).

Standard Crossover Bridges—have a 50° climbing angle and 7" deep steps.

Space-Saver Crossover Bridges—have a steeper stairway than standard crossover bridges, so they don't extend as far. Climbing angle is 70°

Serrated steps and platform offer excellent slip resistance and an open-grid design that allows dirt and liquids to fall through. Diamond-plate steps and platform also provide slip resistance, but do not allow anything to fall through.

Note: The number of steps listed below is the number of steps on each side including platform.


- Beam Dimensions:60x25 or 85x25 mm.

- Standard Step width: 80 mm. or 125 mm.

- Working heights from 0.5 m. upto 2 m.

- Bridge Width: 70 cm.

- Platform capacity 150 kg.

Type 240 (Cross Over Ladders)
Type 240 (Cross Over Ladders)